BlackHat vs WhiteHat

Black Hat: Google does not like black hat, for example spamming blog with comments, link bait or other method that is not a good method to get visitors to your website. Blackhat also can be viewed if you write articles on your blog with many keywords and inbound links that comes from p0rn sites or other sites that uses blackhat methods to attract visitors. Other blackhat method is to ping your site from different IP ADDRESSES in order to get higher ranking.

Another blackhat method that i don't recommend you to use is building to many links in one day because I guarantee that Google will see your website a SPAM and Google will get your site banned by it's algorithms.

White Hat: Google loves white hat, you must build natural links, write many articles on your website/blog. Send your articles to other article directories, put your website link at the end of the article and submit them.

Another whitehat method is to search blogs that are in your website category and try to discuss over comment section and try to make friends so maybe they can visit your site or you can make customers if they will like your products that you have on your site.

Other whitehat method is to submit your site to many web directories and try not to submit too much in one day, 40/50 submissions per day it will be ok. Don't forget that google loves content. Good luck!

How to subscribe to Google News.

With google news you can get all the information from major companies like New York Times, MBCnews, Washington Post, and many others.
All you have to do is follow the link: and subscribe to a news section like Sports, Business, or a custom section, then click RSS. Good luck!

Free PHP Whois Script

We developed a Whois Script that you will find very useful, it can be installed on any hosting, even on localhost and does not require a mysqli database. Here is the demo: Here is the download link: You can modify it as you wish or distribute it for free or paid to your friends. Good luck!

New Theme added to our Blogger Platform!

Today we have added a new theme to our blogger platform and we hope that you enjoy it. If you decide to create a blogger account for your personal notes or for your business, you must know that you can choose from many themes from your blogger account. You can also modify the theme that you will choose and add different colors, a background image or almost anything you want. This is a natural start-up if you don't have the funds to buy a hosting account or a domain and you want to promote your products, you can do so here on blogger, many people are using it from the beginning when was created by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003. We hope that you will try and modify it after your needs so people will come back to read your blog and even have sales if you will sell something on your blog. Good luck!

Welcome to our new Blogger Account!

We are happy that we found such a great blogger platform from Google. We will test all the options over the next days and we will post here all the tips for you to create a nice blog. Good luck!